About TrustedCare

TrustedCare.co.uk is a leading UK based referral platform for people looking for care for themselves or their loved ones.

Established in 2012, TrustedCare has been created to address two of the most important factors facing service users and care providers alike - Trust and Communication.

The purpose of the platform is to encourage informed choices by providing those who are looking for a care provider with all of the best information available about services in their area. Our platform covers providers of all type including nursing homes, residential care homes, home care services and living care providers.

Alongside our website directory we operate a team of in house care specialist who work with website users and selected third parties to provide support, advice and guidance for those looking for care.

Our service has been created from first hand experience and is constantly evolving to the ever changing needs of the market.

Are you looking for a care service?

TrustedCare offers free help & advice for people looking for a care for themselves or a loved one.

Our specialist Care Advisers can talk you through your options and identify the best services locally to provide the support you require.

Important Covid-19 Update

The elderly and frail are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, care providers are putting in place a range of measures to deal with the situation and safeguard those who use their services.

Care homes have mostly cancelled all but essential visits to the home. They are providing telephone-based assessments and placing controls on admissions. Home care & live-in care providers are still delivering care in the community but have a huge demand for support at this time.

All care providers currently have a big work load and may be difficult to reach, please contact the TrustedCare Care Adviser team on 01865 680 331 for further information on services in your local area.

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